Thursday, December 13, 2018
Immediate Needs

In a coordinated approach, MCOT establishes rapport which is the most critical component to determine the immediate and long-term needs of homeless individuals.  The goal of reducing crisis and improving self-sufficiency combined through collaborative efforts allows homeless individuals access to basic needs of food, healthcare, clothing, shelter and meeting a goal of transitional or permanent housing.


For a reference card summarizeing resources for homeless assistance programs in Franklin County, click on the link below. 

2012 Streetcard 8-141
2012 Streetcard to Spanish 7.10
Warming Stations

Central Point of Access
Call for intake to all shelters
For single adults
(1-888-474-3587) / 24 Hours

Getting Help is Easier Than You Think

The Ohio Benefit Bank is an Internet service that is available for Ohioans who are in need of help. Through no fault of their own, many Ohioans are being forced to make tough decisions each and every day, such as choosing between paying rent or buying food. In an effort to eliminate such choices from having to be made and to help Ohioans gain access to programs that are available for those in need, The Ohio Benefit Bank is now available at your fingertips!

For additional information on programs and eligibility requirements, click on the link below.

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