Thursday, December 13, 2018
Shelters and Housing

The ability to access shelter services meeting the needs of safety, warmth, food and a bed to sleep in allow homeless individuals the opportunity to engage in services needed such as benefits and housing.  Collaborative agencies work toward providing transitional housing and permanent supportive housing with continued case management services.  The increase of private owners making available housing has increased; adding to the continued opportunity for individuals to re-build their lives.

How are we Ending Homelessness

The Unified Supportive Housing System (USHS) is collaboration between the ADAMH Board, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority, and the Community Shelter Board. The system targets single adults, couples, and families with children that experience long-term homelessness and have at least one household member who has a chronic disability or disabling condition.

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Unified Supportive Housing System

Additional Shelter and Housing Resources

Huckleberry House 


Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority 





  • Central Point of Access
    Call for intake to all shelters
    For single adults
    (1-888-474-3587) / 24 Hours
  • HandsOn Central Ohio
    195 North Grant Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43215.
    For Families 614-253-7970

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