Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Capital Crossroads SID

Why Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts conduct Outreach?

Capital CrossroadsOutreach is necessary because the more general and generic processes by which people come into care (referral, walk-in, in-take, etc.) have not proven successful in leading to treatment and housing.


Outreach and engagement practices seek to build a relationship of trust and care with those who present unusual challenges and are the most difficult to serve.



  • Provide immediate crisis intervention on the streets
  • Link individuals to emergency shelters
  • Refer individuals to healthcare agencies at no cost
  • Link individuals to local mental health agencies
  • Refer individuals to career building centers
  • Assist individuals in locating long-term housing options
  • Provide basic clothing and personal hygiene products
  • Advocate on behalf of individuals
  • Helping individuals obtain a birth certificate, social security card, and state identification card to secure
    employment and/or housing
  • Provide access to quality of life resources as an Ohio Benefit Bank center
  • Provide community education on poverty and homeless issues

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Contact information:

Jim, Outreach Specialist: 614- 45-5127

Hotline: 614-228-5718


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